Sustainability Policies and Ethics Code

Viu Manent y Cía. Ltda. is committed to working carefully in each of its centers to protect the environment in each of its activities in accordance with the following principles:

– Comply with current environmental legislation as well as all of the company’s environmental commitments.

– Prevent pollution by encouraging environmental stewardship in all of its activities.

– Continuously improve environmental performance, particularly with respect to properly managing liquid industrial wastes, reducing the generation of wastes, recycling, properly disposing of wastes that cannot be reused, and properly managing chemical products.

– Promote saving energy, water, and natural resources by increasing efficiency and the use of new technologies when feasible.

– Encourage workers, business partners, and stakeholders to adopt a spirit of environmentally friendly work habits and conditions.

– Provide the quality and quantity of resources necessary to fully comply with this policy.

It is the active and ongoing commitment of all employees, business partners, and stakeholders to comply with this policy.

José Miguel Viu Bottini
Viu Manent y Cía. Ltda.

Reporte GRI 2012 (PA) 17-11-2016.2

Our second report makes public Viu Manent’s socially responsible management in the economic-financial, social, and environmental areas for the period of January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011, by rigorously employing for the first time the methodology of the Third Generation (G3) Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Viña Viu Manent will publish annual Sustainability Reports consistent with the principles of content and quality set forth in the Guide for Preparing Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reports, in accordance with the manual available for that purpose in

On October 17 , Viu Manent has succesfully applied to this certification and our wines are credited as “Sustainable Wine of Chile”.

Since 2012, Viu Manent is participating on the Sustainability Code program to obtain the Sustainability Code of the Wine Chilean Industry.

This certification meets the Green Area standards. The green stage is focused on the handling of natural resources, plagues in the vineyard, agrochemicals and industrial safety.

The Wines of Chile (WoC) Sustainability Code was developed specifically for the Chilean wine industry to set standards and provide a tool for measuring various sustainable practices throughout the entire winemaking value chain and comprises a set of initiatives and projects that aim to guide the industry toward sustainability, understood as the convergence of production processes that are environmentally friendly, socially equitable, and economically viable.

Thus, the Code addresses the wine sector’s needs for sustainable practices in three areas –Vineyard (Green Chapter), Winery (Red Chapter), and Community (Orange Chapter), and provides a Checklist of control points to be evaluated and a Manual with recommendations for each control point.

Although there are different ways to define Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we can summarize it as a means of doing business in a way that incorporates respect for ethical values, the people who form part of the organization, the neighboring communities, and the environment.

Viña Viu Manent’s implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility contributes to the sustainability of our company over the short, medium, and long terms. This implementation is verified biannually as part of the recertification process under the Chilean Wine Industry’s National Code of Sustainability.