Our Wines

Viu Manent wines stand out for their quality and consistency, and Malbec is our emblematic variety.

Viu Manent has its own enological style. Its medium size allows it to take great care with every detail and be able to reach maximum standards of quality in its wines, which are internationally known and appreciated.

Viu 1 represents Viu Manent’s vast experience and specialization in Malbec.

Secreto is a line of wines with a fresh and modern style. Art and terroir have come together in this line in which the varieties have much to express.

This line uses lesser-known varieties to make very expressive fresh and aromatic blends, each with a very closely guarded secret—the winemaker includes a 15% component that only he knows.

Viu Manent commissioned Chilean artist Catalina Abbot to create the labels for each of its seven Secretos.

Rayuela is Spanish for hopscotch, a traditional children’s game known around the world.

This line of wines was named in honor of the philosophy behind the game—it’s simple, informal, and fun.

“All you need is a sidewalk, chalk, and a stone to play Rayuela.”