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Founded in 1935, the winery’s long history has been guided by the family’s love of the trade and its unending commitment to excellence and the quality of their wines.

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20 years Anniversary Viu 1 Singapore

December 2022

#Aniversario20años  #VIU1Gran cata vertical y cena maridaje en el prestigioso club de vinos  67 PallMall de Singapur.Una noche conducida por nuestro CEO José Miguel Viu junto a un grupo de amantes del vino quienes disfrutaron de nuestros vinos iconos en el mejor spot de Singapur.🇬🇧 #Celebrating VIU1 #20yearsanniversaryVertical tasting and dinner at @67pallmallsg  with our partners […]

Viña Viu Manent rinde homenaje a Master Sommelier Héctor Vergara

March 2022

En el marco del concurso Mejor Sommelier de las Américas Chile 2022 que se está realizando esta semana, #ViuManent participó en una de las actividades oficiales donde se realizó un homenaje a @masterhectorvergara único master sommelier de Sudamérica, quien marca un inicio en la sommeliería de nuestro país.


January 2022

Our “Tiny Trials” are the result of Viu Manent’s enthusiasm for innovating, exploring the most unique and radical spots, with soils and climatic influences that define the style of the wine. This, together with small batches, careful vinifications, focuses on highlighting the grape variety and the pronounced influence of the origin, allowing us to produce […]

Celebrating 20 years of VIU1

December 2021

In an afternoon full of memories and emotion, on Thursday, November 25 at the spectacular Casa Pocuro, formerly the site of the Russian Commercial Attache, Viña Viu Manent celebrated 20 years of our icon wine Viu 1, presenting our commemorative edition, Viu 1 2019, as a special tribute to the memory of our founder, Don […]

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