Procedure for all Collaborators

  • The Oversight Protocol has been implemented with body temperature controls at the beginning and end of the working day in all areas, controlled by the trained monitors.
  • Frequent Hand Washing is being reinforced with water and soap. Special stations are being installed for this task in the operations area.
  • Information is being shared through brochures and posters and internal publicity, informing workers of the obligation to immediately inform a Direct Boss in case symptoms are detected such as: sore throat, dry cough, fever over 38ºC, difficulty breathing, or direct contact with a person diagnosed with Coronavirus.
  • An instructive brochure outlining Hygiene and Sanitary Habits has been made, specifying personal measures to prevent the contagion of COVID-19, with indications such as:
  • Covering their mouths with tissue or arm when coughing or sneezing.
  • Replacing handshakes and kisses with verbal greetings.
  • Obligatory use of mask with symptoms or possible respiratory illness.
  • Obligatory use of mask within company transportation.
  • During work, including breaks, maintaining a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between coworkers.
  • Daily sanitizing of the company transportation in the Agricultural Area.
  • A Monitoring Team has been put together for the fields, reinforcing the practices and health habits, supervising that hygienic conditions are maintained during the workday.


Procedure at San Carlos Cellar

  • Control of Unaffiliated Personnel: In order to keep our workers safe from possible external sources of contamination, access has been restricted in the installations, allowing only the admittance of trucks with raw materials, materials, and shipping of the finish products. The drivers are also subject to the Oversight Protocol for Body Temperature and Health Survey.
  • Isolation of Areas: In order to prevent cross contamination between areas, and to maintain the traceability between healthy workers, the free movement of personnel between areas is restricted. Use of available technologies is preferred, such as internal annexes, Skype, WhatsApp.


     1.- Procedure for Meetings.

  • All in-person meetings are suspended. The coordination for internal meetings between areas, meetings with suppliers, or with clients, must be done through video conference or phone calls.
  • All attendance at courses, seminars, workshops, fairs, and competitions is suspended.

 2.- Procedure for working from Home.

  • Workers must maintain in their home the necessary equipment to perform their duties (notebook, printer, scanner, phone, etc.)
  • We ask that each worker:
  • Set up a fixed spot in their home with the minimum conditions of comfort and connectivity.
  • Maintain the routine of working hours as if in the office, with a start time, lunch, and end time.
  • Take active breaks every 3 hours, airing out and cleaning their workspace.
  • Complete the commitments of work and feedback to management.
  • Outlined in the Procedure for Accident Prevention when Working from Home.

3.- Procedure for domestic and international travel.

  • All travel, both domestic and international, is suspended. Only the General Manager can authorize trips within the country, and only under strict necessity for operations.
  • All programs and services in the area of Tourism are suspended.
  • New tasks are designated for Tourism personnel, with the precautions of self-protection in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.