Our classic tour… ride in a carriage and enjoy a great experience. Your visit with our bilingual guides in horse-drawn carriages will take you to the vineyards, and finish with an enjoyable wine tasting in the historical visitors’ center La Llavería.

The tour includes:

  • Reception in our visitors’ center La Llavería.
  • Historical tour in our Malbec room.
  • Visit to the variety garden.
  • Horse-drawn carriage visit to the vineyards.
  • Five wines guided tasting. Viu Manent lines: Reserva, Gran Reserva, Secreto and Single Vineyard.
  • Visit to the wine and handicraft and souvenirs store.

*n case of rain, horse ride is suspended. But Llavería Tour and wine tasting is deepened.

Season: All year.
Hours: Monday – Sunday: 10:30, 12:00, 15:00, 16:30.
Location: La Llavería Visitor’s Center viña Viu Manent, Colchagua.
Groups: Min. 1 – Max. 18 people. 1:15 minutes.
Languages: Spanish and English.
Price: CLP $21.000 P.P. / Children CLP $12.000. Senior price or without tasting: CLP $12.000.

Great experience to get to know Viu Manent, taking into account the interests of the visitor. The tour ends with a tasting of the icon wines in the exclusive Cava Don Miguel, and includes a decanting of Viu 1.


  • Reception and tour through the La Llavería Visitors Center, salons, and gardens, discussing the history.
  • Visit to the variety garden.
  • Visit to the vineyard in carriage with a stop in the centenary Malbec blocks.
  • Tasting of 5 wines, decanting a Viu 1. Lines: Single Vineyard, El Incidente, Viu Infinito, and Viu 1.
  • Visit to the wine shop and artesian and souvenir goods emporium.
  • Reservation in Rayuela Restaurant available upon request.

Season: Available all year
Times: Monday to Sunday 10:30, 12:00, 15:00, 16:30 hrs.
Duration: 1:30 hrs.
Languages available: English and Spanish
** A minimun of 2 people is required..
CLP$ 42.000 adults

*In case of rain, the carriage ride is suspended and the tour in La Llaveria and the tasting are extended.

Get to know our winery and wines in full detail taking our Private Icons Tour. In this activity -exclusive, personalized and totally private-, you will familiarize yourself with our history, tour around the vineyards and wine cellar and finish with a tasting of our seven most important wines, in the Cava don Miguel. -Reception and tour around our Visitor’s Centre La Llaveria.


-Visit to the Variety Garden.
-Horse-drawn carriage tour through the historical Malbec blocks
-Visit to the wine cellar.
-Private tasting of seven wines, decanting the Viu 1 in the Cava don Miguel. Lines: Single Vineyard and Icons (El Incidente, Viu Infinito and Viu 1).
-Visit to the wine store, handicraft and souvenirs store (Emporio de Artesanía).
-Coordination of reservations for our Restaurant Rayuela, if needed.

Season: Available all year
Times: Monday to Sunday 10:30, 12:00, 15:00, 16:30 hrs. Only with reservation.
Duration: 1:30 hrs.
Languages available: English and Spanish
Price: CLP$ 60.000 adults
** A minimun of 2 people is required..

*In case of rain, the carriage ride is suspended and the tour in La Llaveria and the tasting are extended.

An entertaining guided bicycle tour that allows you to learn about wine as you pedal through the vineyards while enjoying the beautiful views of the Andes Mountains that the Apalta hills.

During the 5-kilometer ride over flat private roads, you will see the historic blocks of Malbec, learn more about the vinification process, wrap up at the La Llavería Visitors’ Center, and enjoy a relaxed wine tasting and appetizers on the terrace.

* Your choice of pedal or motor-operated bicycles is available.
Program for 2–6 people.
Duration: 1:30 hrs.
Hours: Monday to Sunday 10:30 am
Tours will be in private groups maximum of 6.
price: $30.000 CLP


The Walk through the Vineyards tour begins with a visit to the Malbec Room, where you’ll learn about our history. Next, you’ll visit the Variety Garden to see the different grape varieties that are grown throughout Chile, and specifically in Colchagua. Next, we’ll continue with a walk through our historical vineyard blocks in our San Carlos de Cunaco vineyards, learning about what’s happening in the vineyard at that moment, enjoying the beauty and appreciating the value of our most special grapevines.

Total length, approximately 1 km.
The experience ends with a tasting of 5 wines.

You’ll also be able to visit our wine shop and the Handicraft and Souvenir Emporium. Available Monday–Sunday.

Times: 10:30 hrs / 15:00 hrs
Maximum number of visitors: 20 people
Cost: CLP $22,000 P.P

The experience begins taking electric bikes to visit San Carlos de Cunaco Estate through 5 kilometers of trails and vines. In different stops along the ride, the guide will explain about our history and vitiviniculture. You’ll get to enjoy the spectacular views of the Apalta hills and Cordillera de los Andes. The picnic will take place in an area under the shadow of old alamos, where you’ll find 5 tables with a view to the vineyard and the equestrian field. A minimum of 2 people is required. Each picnic includes: 3 cheese varieties, Prosciutto, ham, whole grain cookies, dry fruit, 2 sandwiches, fresh fruit, 2 bottles of mineral water, 1 bottle of a Reserva wine.

CLP. $55.000
* Valid for a minimum reservation of 2 people.



We invite you to enjoy a magical evening tour by horse-drawn carriage, ending with appetizers and wines as the sun goes down.
The tour includes:

– Exploring the Visitors’ Centre and La Llaveria.
– Visiting the varietal garden.
– Carriage ride through the vineyards.
– Visiting the wine cellar
– Wine tasting (6 wines) and assorted appetizers.

Groups: 10 people. 1:30 minutes
Languages: Spanish and English.
Only Saturdays at 6:00 p.m.

This Tour is carried out only in the Summer Season

Price: Adults $30.000 CLP
Children $15.000 CLP


In this unique and exclusive experience, you’ll taste three different vintages of Viu 1 and two of El Incidente with one of our most experienced guides, after learning about our history and the origin of our most important wines.

-Historical tour in Sala Malbec.
-Visit to the family’s cava.
-Tasting of five icon wines in Sala Cabernet, with a special presentation.
-Visits to the wine store and handicraft store (Emporio de Artesanía y souvenirs). -Coordination for a reservation in Restaurant Rayuela, if needed.

Season: available the whole year.
Schedule: Monday till Sunday, 11:00 and 15:00 hours or to be convened. Previous reservation required.
Duration: 2 hours, approx.
Languages English or Spanish
Price: CLP $700.0000 (price for the activity, minimum 1 and maximum 6 people).

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