Viu Manent is a Chilean winery owned by the Viu family. It was founded in 1935 when the Catalonian immigrant Miguel Viu-García and his two sons Agustín and Miguel Viu-Manent founded Bodegas Viu in Santiago de Chile. They bottled and sold wine on the local market under the “Vinos Viu” brand.

In 1966 Miguel Viu Manent fulfilled his long-time dream of making his own wines when he acquired the Hacienda San Carlos de Cunaco in Colchagua. This traditional estate included 150 hectares of vineyards planted to noble, pre-phylloxera vines, as well as a winery and manor house.

It was no coincidence that he chose this particular property; it had long supplied the much of the wine he sold as Vinos Viu.

What exactly is one’s own? … ”That which identifies us and by which we can recognize ourselves.”

We love our property, our family and our traditions. We love our work, which we see as the motor that can propel us toward fulfilling our dreams. We believe in transcendence, in putting our heart into things and that the only way to do something is to do it to the best of our abilities.

We have a strong bond with wine; we love its living essence and its sensitivity. We believe that Chile is a privileged territory for the production of wines and that Colchagua is a magical valley where the soil, climate and grapes seem to be blessed.

We believe in attention to detail and in respecting the environment.
We believe that history and tradition provide us with knowledge and experience, while innovation and modernity help us to advance toward our goal.

We believe in teamwork and in the talented, professional and committed people who work with us.
We are committed to transmitting this philosophy into our daily mission.

To produce outstanding wines that are consistent in quality. Our hallmark lies in our attention to detail and the special concern for quality that both the family and our highly committed and professional team give to the wines of Viu Manent.

Through experience and innovative spirit, our team is able to achieve the ultimate expression of both Colchagua and Chile in outstanding quality wines with a style of their own, which are able to satisfy the most demanding pallets of consumers around the world, thus contributing to the prestige of Chilean wine.

We aim to be ranked among the top five best Chilean wineries in terms of prestige, quality, service and customer relations.

Viu Manent is a Chilean winery that belongs to the Viu family since 1935. The winery, in the hands of the third generation since 2000 and led by Jose Miguel Viu, continues down the same long road, guided by the union that comes when blood ties are joined with a passion for wine.