Entertaining group program to learn about a winemaker’s daily work. Participants will make their own wine, from blending to labeling.

Duration: 2:30 hrs.
Price: $44.000 CLP-

*Only with Reservation

Interesting activity with a wine class that discusses wine history, winegrowing valleys, terroir, wine service recommendations, tasting and food and wine pairing.

_Welcome in La Llavería Visitor’s Center.
_First part: Wine Class with audiovisual presentation.
_Malbec room. Guided speech about the history of the winery and the concept of “Terroir”.
_Second part: tasting notions, tasting, wine service suggestions and food and wine pairing.

Season: All year. Previous reservation required.
Location: La Llavería Visitors’ Center viña Viu Manent, Colchagua.
Groups: Min. 10 Max. 20 people.
Duration: 2 horas and 30 min.
Languages: Spanish.
Price: CLP$46.000 pp.
Includes: Booklet with information about the course, wine tasting and mini appetizer pairing.

*If you would like to combine this program with lunch, dinner or another service, we have plenty of options and we’d be delighted to help you. We can also recommend transport to Colchagua for groups.

We invite you to enjoy a new Harvest season in the emblematic program “Vive la Vendimia”, an entertaining and unforgettable panorama for wine lovers that allows you to experience the harvest in first person, in the heart of the Colchagua Valley.
Dates: Saturday March 23rd and Saturday April 6th, 2024.
Visitors will harvest with their own hands the grape clusters that will give rise to one of the Viu Manent wines from the 2024 vintage. The program also includes a technical visit to the winery and ends the activity with an exquisite lunch at our Rayuela restaurant. The best “harvester” of the day will be awarded.
Program Value: $110.000 per person
Saturday March 23: 30 people max
Saturday April 6: 14 people max
Package: welcome coffee, harvest activity, apron, tour of the cellars and lunch at Rayuela Restaurant.
Limited capacity.
Program only available in Spanish.

Viu Manent, en su viñedo San Carlos de Cunaco, dispone de un Club Ecuestre dirigido por Rodrigo Muñoz y Roxana Díaz, equitadores y profesores de gran experiencia en Chile y en el extranjero. El Club ofrece paseos guiados, cabalgatas, clases de equitación y cancha de Polo Crosse además de una cafetería para disfrutar del campo y los caballos.

Entretenida cabalgata privada por los viñedos centenarios de la viña Viu Manent disfrutando de la naturaleza y las vistas, en pareja, en familia o con un grupo de amigos. Al finalizar podrán disfrutar de un delicioso picnic *.

Temporada:  Todo el año con reserva previa, si el clima y caminos lo permiten .
Horarios: a convenir
Lugar:  Viña Viu Manent – Colchagua
Grupos: Min 1  Max 8 personas
Tiempo de duración: 1 hora aprox
Idiomas: Español , Inglés, Francés .
Incluye: Casco de seguridad y pierneras para usar en la cabalgata .
Valor: Cabalgata $ 35.000 p.p.     Cabalgata + Picnic : $ 65.000 pp


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