The Viu Manent wine shop is located in the La Llavería Visitors’ Center and offers the winery’s entire line of wines, from the emblematic VIU 1 and wines such as El Incidente and the ViBo line to the classic Viu Manent lines and the innovative Secreto, as well as specialties such as Malportado, limited editions, and special vintages not available anywhere else.


There’s more to the Colchagua than just wine. Viu Manent’s Visitors’ Center is located in what was once the estate’s chapel. Today this remarkable shop offers a well-curated selection of fine handcrafts from the Andes, as well as souvenirs, gourmet products, sculptures, jewelry, and sheep and alpaca wool shawls and scarves.

This space dedicated to Andean crafts is yet another attraction for visitors to the winery and promotes our Chilean culture and identity.


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