BRC Certification

BRC START! is a company objective that is an Initiation Program, which at its base requires the commitment of the Management of Viña Viu Manent S.A., to focus on achieving operational excellence in its processes.

BRC START! for global markets is a set of requirements by the British-based BRC, and which demands that its providers develop and implement:

  • Analysis of dangers and critical control points, based on the Codex Alimentarius
  • Quality system management and documentation of processes
  • Infrastructure and site requirements where the production processes take place
  • Legal fulfillment for the elaboration and production of wines

On June 3‑4, 2019, VIÑA VIU MANENT passed its second auditory process by the certified DQS CFS German Certification Body, proving the commitment to the required norms and guaranteeing Quality, including the Safety, Authenticity, and Legality of our wines.

Currently we have the BRC START! Intermediate Certification, and the next step is obtaining the BRC Food Standard Version 8.

The authenticity of the certification can be verified at the BRC directory: