We are very proud to announce that Viña Viu Manent has once again obtained the BRC Global Standard – FOOD SAFETY certification, done through the certifier DQS. On May 26 and 27, 2022, we underwent the auditory process to show our commitment to the quality of our elaboration and production processes for wine, and the security and safety we can offer our clients and consumers.

The BRC GLOBAL STANDARD for FOOD SAFETY is an objective of the company, whose foundation is found in the commitment of Viu Manent’s Executive Team, focusing on the continued search for operational excellence in our processes, as well as the application of norms in:

· The commitment of our Executive Team

· HACCP Plan for Food Safety

· Documented System for Quality Management

· Control of Products and Processes

· Norms related to installations

· Viu Manent personnel

Year after year, the renewal of our BRC Certification is an opportunity to perfect the work in our winery, and this is only achieved thanks to a high level of commitment, not just in our Executives, but in each and every worker.

Veganism is a worldwide tendency that has expanded rapidly, making our wines an excellent option for those consumers who are not only vegans, but who also demand high-quality wines.

For the third consecutive year we obtained our certification from V-Label, meeting all of the parameters to quality for International Vegan accreditation.

Wines that are considered vegan have no animal component present in any step of the winemaking and production process.

V-Label studied our wines, analyzing their composition and any additional ingredients, specifically the winemaking additives.

This analysis is based on information for each winemaking ingredient, adding to the certificates provided by our suppliers, who each must declare and certify that their product is free of any ingredient of animal origin.