Our Vineyards

D.O. Valle de Colchagua, Santa Cruz area. In the Santa Cruz area of Colchagua Valley, this estate represents our original vineyard.Being one of the oldest in Chile, it was established in the mid 19th century with pre-phylloxera stock brought from France.

In the Peralillo area of the Colchagua Valley, La Capilla was the result of a search for new “terroirs” to produce grapes with additional richness and special characteristics. Acquired in 1992, Viu Manent undertook the major task of soil preparation and implementation of a strategic irrigation system.

D.O. Valle de Colchagua, Peralillo area.

In 1999 Viu Manent aquired El Olivar vineyard.

Located at Peralillo, in a mountainous sector of the Colchagua Valley, El Olivar vineyard constitutes a new agroclimatic condition with its unique climate, soil and topography. Totaling 325 ha (800 acres), no more than 70 ha will bevineyard planted on the piedmont and hills of El Olivar Estate.

The remaining land will be maintained as a natural reserve for the native wildlife and vegetation.