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Viu Manent expects growth over 10%. Estrategia Newspaper

May 2013

Estrategia Newspaper:13/05/2013

Tittle: Viu Manent expects growth over 10%

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José Miguel Viu, General manager of the winery is optimistic this year, estimating sales of U.S. $ 13 million.

The winery’s general manager is optimistic this year and estimates US$13 million in sales.

—Your predictions for the industry this year?

—I’m optimistic because sales during the early months of the year have been on track, although the sector loses competitiveness with the exchange rate. This is a structural problem that has to do with various factors, but especially with the unwillingness of the economic policymakers who are more concerned with large macroeconomic indicators.

—How much do you expect to raise prices this year, and how will you do that?

—The recommendation to raise prices seems like an obviously good idea to those who look at this from a distance, but it is definitely not a concrete possibility.

—How much do you expect to sell this year and what percentage of growth or decline will that be?

—We aim to recover our former annual growth rates of between 10% and 15% and sell US$11.5 million in addition to our sales in tourism for a total of about US$13 million.

—What are the most attractive foreign markets and where are your exports aimed?

—There are many. The policy of wineries like ours is to be as diversified as possible. There is no doubt that Asia and the US are important and recovering, as well as Latin America, especially Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.

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