Jose Miguel Viu Bottini

Managing Director, Co-owner and CEO of Viu Manent

Angel Gurtubay

Financial Director

Rodrigo Plass

Commercial & Marketing Director

Ricardo Troncoso

Finance and Administration Manager

Tomás Markmann

Export Director USA & Canada

Nicolás Happke

Export Director Asia

Cristián Urzúa Teare

Export Manager Europe and Africa

Daniella Romanini

Sales Manager Chile

Macarena Torres

Marketing Manager

Lorena Viu

Communications and Image Director

Valentina Callejas

Trade Marketing Manager

Patricio Celedón

Chief Winemaker

Miguel Mujica

Viticultural Manager

Mauricio Ramos

Export Operations Manager

Sandra pizarro

Turism Director

Freddy Grez

Tours & Wineshop Manager

Pamela Lezana

Restaurant & Events Manager

Christián Adrián

Viu Manent Chef