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Japanese Imperial Princess enjoys an engaging visit and delicious luncheon at Viu Manent winery

September 2013

The Princess visited the Colchagua Valley to learn more about Chilean wines, which are the second best selling wines in Japan.

There, she enjoyed an enological experience at Viu Manent, touring the vineyards and visiting the winery. After, a delicious luncheon was held in her honor at La Llavería visitors center. The meal was inspired by the flavors of Chile and superbly paired with Viu Manent wines.

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Princess Akiko of Mikasa, eldest daughter of Prince Tomohito of Mikasa, cousin of His Royal Highness Emperor Akihito, made an official visit to Chile from September 7th to 12th. She came to thank Chile for the assistance it provided to Japan after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami and to strengthen the friendly relations that exist between the two countries.

During her stay, Princess Akiko of Mikasa met with President Sebastián Piñera and visited Easter Island—where she expressed her appreciation for Chile’s donation of a moai statue to Minami-Sanriku, the city destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. She also visited Valparaíso and chose Viña Viu Manent, in the Colchagua Valley, as the place to learn more about Chilean wine. There, she enjoyed a delicious luncheon hosted by the Viu family at La Llavería visitors center. Chilean wines are the second highest selling wines in Japan today, and the country is one of Viu Manent’s leading export markets.

Princess Akiko of Mikasa studied Philosophy at Merton College in Oxford University, and since 2012 has been the Visiting Researcher at the Center for International Japan Studies at Hosei University, and Visiting Associate Professor at the Kinugasa Research Institute at Ritsumeikan University.

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