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Viu Manent Malbec Night 2017

March 2017

International Malbec Day is celebrated in April.
Viu Manent Colchagua and the Chilean National Sommelier Association will host an unforgettable 2017 Malbec Night, where the hosts are their broad range of Malbec wines in harmony with a gastronomic experience at the Renaissance Santiago Hotel.

With updated staging, the 2017 Malbec Night promises to be full of surprises and this year will include the special participation of the Chilean National Sommelier Association.

The grand event will take place on Thursday, April 27 at the Terraza Olas in the Renaissance Santiago Hotel. The cost is CLP$30,000 per person for the general public, and $24,000 (20% discount) for members of the Viu Manent Club.

Seating is limited.

Reservations by email:

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