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El Incidente Carmenere 2010 in Wine Enthusiast magazine

February 2014

Our Carmenere icon El Incidente, was highlighted between the best Chilean Carmeneres with 92 points in Wine Enthusiast Magazine!!

Article: “The Accidental Wine”. Wine Enthustast, March issue 2014.

Two decades ago, Jean-Michel Boursiquot, a French ampelographer hired to help wineries in Chile’s Maule Valley determine what grape varieties were in their oldest vineyards, dropped a bombshell on his clients. Thousands of acres that the Chileans had long thought were Merlot were actually an obscure variety called Carmenère.
“Carmen-what?” the Chileans asked.  riginally imported from Bordeaux, Carmenère can be green and herbaceous if the grapes aren’t picked fully ripe—hence the uneven reputation of Chilean “Merlot” in the early 1990s.

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