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VIU 1 Vertical tasting at Sao Paulo, Brazil

October 2014

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On October 15, Viu Manent offered a VIU 1 vertical tasting and lunch, featuring the wine press in Brazil.

The event took place in Sao Paulo Percussi winery, being tasted vintages 1999, 2001, 2003, 2007, 2009 and 2011.

The hosts of the tasting were José Miguel Viu and Patrick Celedon, winemaker of Viu Manent, with Neils Bosner and Angela Bottezel Hannover Vinhos (Viu Manent importers in Brazil).

Attending the event:

Ricardo Castilho

Horst Kissmann

Didu Russo

Edécio Armbruster

Jorge Carrara

José Luiz Pagliari

Luis Gastão

Marcos Santo Mauro

Maurice Bibas

Ricardo Romero

Rodrigo Mammana

Rui Alves

Jeriel da Costa

Alvaro Cezar Galvão

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