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Art & Wine in Harvest season 2013

May 2013

During the harvest season, the art was installed at Viu Manent winery with a powerful exhibition of four artists who have their origin in the Colchagua Valley and in which the field has marked his work.

Enjoy the Photo Gallery.

Season:  March, April and early May was exhibited in the Visitor Center La Llavería:

Marta Morrison: “Pectorales Escultóricos”
Sample 9 Marta Morrison creations, which through its various techniques creates with his hands, his soul and help of its craftsmen, unique pieces that combine vegetable fibers, weaving and stoneware.

Pablo Nuñez  “Memoria del Campo”
Installation is a spatial context refers to the vineyard and its own history by staging a series of sculptures depicting animals native Chilean countryside. Chickens and birds honeycomb cardboard biodegradable resin, wooden horses and screenprinted dishes.

Giovanna Ruz    “Salvajes”
The work becomes a thick dark and monochrome volume density, worked with a limited palette and neutral.

María Paz Briseño    “Íconos Ancestrales”
Stoneware ceramic sculpture inspired by his interest in Andean culture and history.

Centro de Visitas Viña Viu Manent

Carretera del Vino Km 37 – Santa Cruz. Colchagua – Chile
Schedule: Lunes de Domingo – 10.00 a 18.00 hrs.
Organize: Emporio Viu Manent
Contact: Lorena Viu, E-mail:, Phone: +56 2 23790020

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