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Viu Manent Gran Reserva and Secreto get Vegan certification!

January 2020

As a result of our winemaking philosophy, our wines are made with processes free of any animal-derived ingredients.
That’s why we decided that starting in 2020, we would certify our Gran Reserva and Secreto wines using the V-Label company, who retain the Certified Vegan international certification.

The wines maintain the same style and quality as always, and are now a great option for this segment of consumers.

Veganism is gaining more followers worldwide, and it’s a trend that is expanding rapidly, which is why our wines are a great option for those consumers that are vegan, and are also looking for high-quality wines.

What exactly does it mean that our wines are vegan?

Wines may be considered “vegan” when every step of the winemaking and production process is completed without any component coming from an animal.

The certified wines were studied by the V-LABEL certifier, who examined the composition and additional ingredients, specifically the winemaking ingredients.

The analysis was based on the information of each winemaking ingredient, together with the certifications from our suppliers, who (at the same time) also declared and certified that their ingredient was free of any animal part.

In our clarifying processes we don’t use egg whites, isinglass (fish tail), or casein (derived from milk).

What are the ingredients considered in order to meet this standard?

Our Quality Management department composed a list of all of our winemaking ingredients that are direct components in the elaboration of wine, such as yeasts, enzymes, gases, acids, nutrients, minerals, vegetables proteins, and filtering agents.

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