Entertaining group program to learn about a winemaker’s daily work. Participants will make their own wine, from blending to labeling.

Duration: 2:30 hrs.

Wine appreciation class by renowned wine journalist and sommelier Mariana Martinez. In her entertaining style, Mariana explains the history of wine, Chile’s wine valleys and terroir, as well as tips for proper service and food and wine pairing.

Duration: 6 hours. (Lunch included).

An entertaining activity for the harvest season. Participate in the grape harvest, visit the wine cellar and the La Llavería Visitors’ Center, and enjoy a delicious country-style lunch.

Duration: 6 hours. (Lunch included).

Viu Manent has an Equestrian Club at its San Carlos de Cunaco Vineyard. Directors Rodrigo Muñoz and Roxana Díaz are equestrians and teachers with extensive experience in Chile and abroad and offer guided rides, riding and Polo Crosse classes. The club also has a cafeteria to relax while enjoying the beautiful country setting and watching the horses.

Cel: +56 9 88075022

Cel: + 56 9 92007900

Climb aboard a horse-drawn carriage for a great experience! Our bilingual guide will escort guests on a carriage ride through the Viu Manent vineyards. The tour also includes:

  • Visiting the historic Malbec Hall
  • Visiting the varietal garden
  • Visiting the wine cellar with a tasting of wines in process.
  • Exploring the wine shop and Handcraft Emporium
  • And ends with a tasting of 5 wines from the Gran Reserva, Secreto, and Premium lines at La Llavería.

Duration: 1:15 hrs.

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