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Viu Manent Commemorates 20 years of Icon Wine VIU 1

November 2021

Viña Viu Manent celebrates 20 years since the first vintage of our icon wine Viu 1, and we are presenting a commemorative edition, Viu 1 2019, as a special tribute to the memory of our founder, Don Miguel Viu Manent.

This icon wine is a limited edition with numbered bottles produced after a rigorous selection of Viu Manent’s best grapes from our old-vine Malbec in block 4, established at the end of the XIX century in our San Carlos vineyard, one of the oldest vineyard properties in the Colchagua Valley.

Viu 1, more than any one technical consideration, is the result of the dream of one man and his team, representing the evolution of a company in its constant journey to excellence and quality, as well as the experience and specialization of Viu Manent with Malbec.

 “To tell the story of Viu 1, I want to share a little history, going back 25 years, when my father, near the end of his life, confided in me that after a long, intimate relationship with wine, he had the strong conviction that he was ready to take on a greater challenge: producing a world-class wine that would make us proud and, one day, grant us the satisfaction of seeing our name circulating among the best and most recognized wines in the world. He was able to give lend wise advice to his project, and before being able to see the final result, he left this world in mid-2000…” commented José Miguel Viu, CEO of Viu Manent.  

 VIU1 has been recognized as the Best Malbec in Chile by Patricio Tapia’s Guía Descorchados for the 2011, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 vintages, as well as the recently released 2019 vintage.

Available at and at El Mundo del Vino wine shops.

For more information, visit or on our social media  @viumanentwinery

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