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Viña Viu Manent is a pioneer in Sustainable Wine Tourism, obtaining a new Certification

May 2021

Viu Manent is celebrating the certification of the Purple Area of the Sustainability Code of the Chilean wine industry, becoming a pioneer in sustainable wine tourism.

The Colchagua-based winery was part of a pilot program for sustainable wine tourism from the Consorcio Tecnológico I+D Vinos de Chile, which is a compliment to the Sustainability Code, which already counts with three areas: Green (vineyards); Red (cellar and other installations related to wine production); and Orange (community).

The Purple area applies to any physical place where the company undertakes its activities related to wine tourism, and that are within the winery’s installations. It consists of 6 chapters that refer to the development of wine tourism activities planned within a system of Sustainability Management, with suitable staff and mechanisms oriented to the quality of the products and services offered.

With respect to this new certification, the winery’s General Manager José Miguel Viu confirms that “we’re very happy to be able to add this new seal of sustainable wine tourism. At Viu Manent, we’ve been forerunners and leaders in wine tourism in Chile for more than 25 years, and we want to continue leading the way, introducing sustainability as a path that the entire industry should follow. We’ve been working for a long time so that all of our processes are eco-friendly, while maintaining our commitment to creating opportunities for local employment while generating a positive impact in our community.”

In this sense, Viu Manent has a variety of sustainable practices including an environmental performance program with goal for reducing our consumption of water and energy, incorporating renewable energy, and supplying 100% of our tourism operations with energy from photovoltaic solar panels.

Viu Manent also established a Wine Tourism Plan that includes the protection of local flora and fauna, which includes activities such as:

        Conserving trees and natural vegetation in the vineyard’s channels in order to allow the establishment of different species.

        Varied and diversified gardens so different species can find food easily.

        Means of transportation that don’t add to our carbon footprint, as this affects all ecosystems (bikes and horse-drawn carriages)

Our guides also incorporate into their speeches overviews of our activities in the vineyard with respect to grape production and caring for the environment, educating our visitors about the winery’s sustainable practices.

Among our social initiatives, Viu Manent has a preferential system for local suppliers and small and medium businesses, as well as a preoccupation for promoting the socio-cultural patrimony of Colchagua within the winery’s installations, creating space for nationally-made handicrafts and other products from the area.

Currently, Viu Manent has different options for outdoor tours,like our emblematic Horse-drawn Carriage Tour, E-bike Tour, and our new Walking Tour through the vineyards (available in Phase 2).

More information available at, email, or our social media accounts @viumanentwinery.

Carretera de Vino km37, Santa Cruz. Colchagua Valley.

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