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Halfway around the world for a bottle of Viu Manent’s Secreto.

March 2012

Published in Spaswinefood – @spaswinefood & Corkbin Blog @corkbin

When we crossed into Northern Chile at Arica, it was obvious that we were in a wine-rich country. Wine is a part of everyday Chilean life. The young couple camping at Pta. Camarones near Cuya immediately offered us a drink however, not before pouring some wine on the ground to toast their Chilean ancestors. This wonderful introduction to wine continued throughout our travels along Pan-American Highway, Ruta 5 south through the Atacama Desert to Central Chile’s wine region.

The Colchagua Valley Wineries

Located 80 miles south west of Santiago, the Colchagua Valley wineries are so easy to visit, at a very relaxed pace. We took three days to tour some of its wineries. There are many good wineries, restaurants and hotels in this wine region. On the first day we stopped by Viu Manent Viña for lunch and wine tasting.

Uncorked by Christian

Viu Manent Viña

Viu Manent Viña has three vineyards San Carlos de Cunaco, La Capilla and El Olivar. Viu Manent Viña’s emphasis in its vineyards is on sustainability. We especially liked the Secreto de Viu Manent – a blend of 85% Malbec and the remaining 15% is a secret. The unique label used for the Secreto series is designed especially by Chilean artist Catalina Abbott to represent the concept of hidden. El Secreto is an excellent example of where art and terroir come together, both in wine label design and wine making.

During the next two days we visited five other Colchagua Valley wineries but Viu Manent Viña was our first Chilean winery visit. It was a long drive from Deadhorse, Alaska to Santa, Cruz, Chile for a bottle of Viu Manent’s Secreto. Yes, we drove halfway around the world for a bottle of Secreto.

– Sharon Parsons, Spaswinefood

After leaving academia, Sharon Parsons, Ph.D. knew she would do something. Driving overland from Deadhorse, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina, led her in a new direction. The adventure started with a new iPhone and an interest in spas. By the time she reached Colombia, she was also drawn to food. Later, traveling through Chile and Argentina wine was added. With a Spaswinefood lens for her travels, she blogs at Spaswinefood and writes a travel column. You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook

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