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Excellent scores for Viu Manent wines in Tim Atkin´s Chile report 2023

April 2023

Tim Atkin is an award-winning wine writer and Master of Wine, with over 35 years’ experience. Tim is a British journalist, broadcaster and commentator. He is also a judge of several international wine competitions and a photographer.

Tim Atkin ranked with excellent scores our Viu Manent wines in his Chile report 2023.

El Incidente 2020
94 Puntos.

ViBo Viñedo Centenario 2020
95 Puntos.

ViBo Punta del Viento 2021
93 Puntos.

Single Vineyard Loma Blanca Carménère 2021
93 Puntos.

Single Vineyard San Carlos Malbec 2021
92 Puntos.

Single Vineyard La Capilla Cabernet Sauvignon 2021
92 Puntos.

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