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Colchagua Wineries Receive Record Number of Tourists. La Tercera newspaper.

May 2013

La Tercera Newspaper:  May/2013

Tittle:  Colchagua Wineries Receive Record Number of Tourists: 150,000 visitors and 40% increase in sales in three years

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Visitors have been key to helping the region, Chile’s first wine route, recover after the February 27, 2010 earthquake. The valley expects to increase its visitors and sales by 10% this year.
More than 150,000 visitors explored the attractions of the Colchagua Valley in 2012, putting this emblematic valley back on the upward path it enjoyed prior to the 2010 earthquake. In addition to losing 20 million liters of wine (20% of production), century-old buildings, and the homes of many employees, the valley also experienced a sharp drop in tourist flow.

Fear led many foreigners, the primary consumers of wine tourism in Chile, to cancel or postpone their plans to visit the Colchagua Wine Route, the first created in the country.

For José Miguel Viu, president of the trade association, the development of wine tourism in Colchagua depends on the wineries’ ability to generate greater tourism-related infrastructure, incorporate wineries that are not currently open to visitors, and offer complementary options in addition to wine.
“Colchagua is already considered a destination, and wine tourism is a significant economic activity for us, but even more importantly, it is a key platform for the dissemination of our products,” said the leader.

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