At Viu Manent, sustainability, energy efficiency and climate change are priority issues in our daily activities.

Viña Viu Manent is highly committed to the concepts of sustainability and includes it among its strategic pillars and philosophy of work. The company’s value proposition is oriented toward being an organization that integrates the preservation of and respect for the environment and reinforces its roots, the family, traditions, and the ongoing improvement in the areas of work, safety, health, and community relationships.

We incorporate environmentally friendly practices with an emphasis on ecological actions, recycling, wastewater management, and energy efficiency. We also participate in the Austral University of Chile’s Wine, Climate Change and Biodiversity Program.

A carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions emitted by a company. It is measured in tons of equivalent CO2.

Viu Manent calculated all of its GHG emissions for the company (as an organization).