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Un nueva Ola para Colchagua

julio 2013

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Colchagua may already be the most visited wine route in Chile, but that doesn’t mean the route is staid. Newly re-launched in July, the Ruta de Vino in Colchagua is now offering wine lovers and tourists even more reasons to traverse the valleys and vineyards with touristic programmes in mountain activities, gastronomic delights and surfing!

With a new detailed map across the wine region and tours that include activities in Colchagua stretching from the Andes to the sea, the new route has plenty to attract visitors. “We decided it was necessary to incorporate other complimentary tourism activities in Colchagua,” Jose Miguel Viu from Viu Manent winery, “to make a distinct tourism destination. It is a new era for the Wine Route in Colchagua.”

The Wine Route incorporates 12 wineries in the region and receives over 120,000 tourists a year – something that was recognized by the prestigious wine magazine Wine Enthusiast when Colchagua won the Best Wine Region of the Year Award in 2005. Since its re-launch, the Ruta de Vino is now an independent organization putting together touristic programmes in the region that will entertain both those who like to relax and take it easy on holidays to those who like to get wet with adrenaline-pumping water sports.

One of the most natural pairings to wine is great food, and Colchagua prides itself on the food scene which is a highlight: “Logically, the most interesting thing about visiting the wineries associated,” explains Mario Pablo Silva, from Casa Silva, “are some of their restaurants which offer the best gastronomy in Colchagua Valley: specializing in meat, fish and seafood with traditional gourmet produce from Colchagua.”

Outdoor mountain, hillside (entre cordillera) and coastal activities including world class surfing, wind surfing and kite surfing, are also related to the elements that characterise Colchagua wine: “The sea and mountain influence on our wine here is very important,” adds Jose Miguel Viu about the three terroirs that span the region. “These touristic activities are enriching our wine route.”

Take a look at the new wine map and learn more about the tourist programmes on their website. Wineries on the wine route in Colchagua include: Bisquerrt, Lapostolle, Casa Silva, Cono Sur, Los Vascos, Luis Felipe Edwards, Montes, Santa Helena, Vina Santa Cruz, Siegel, Vina Santa Rita and Viu Manent.

Written by Amanda Barnes

Photos: (banner) Pichilemu (sernatur);

(top) Viu Manent’s restaurant;

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